Presenting You

We often hear “just be yourself” and everything will work out okay.”  Indeed, while “just being yourself” may be good advice in some circumstances, it is naive for others.

No matter where you are or “who” you are, your various networks are communities with silent rules.  And since every community is in charge of their own rules, if you don’t fit in, you don’t get in.

When you know the rules, you are free to choose which ones to break.


Me, Myself and the Rest of You:  Our Personalities, Our Lives

To fully understand others, we first need to ask, “What is going on with me?”  That’s because moving forward, solving problems, and navigating change, starts with getting a solid grasp of who we are in any given situation.

When we understand “self” we more easily see the differences between ourselves and others.  We can then choose actions that may better support the predispositions of others and result in improved outcomes.

I am a certified practitioner and choose the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) instrument to help women explore their natural personality dynamics.

Emotional Intelligence: What Is It and Why Do We Need To Understand It?

Most of us believe that we operate in a rational manner in most areas of our lives. In reality, a majority of the choices we make when we interact with people are guided by emotion.

It is not easy to make changes to our emotion-based responses.  Every individual has different responses to different inputs, and this diversity of behavior can lead to conflict.  However, when we understand our own responses, we may choose to address our levels of emotional intelligence to achieve more desirable outcomes.

Here we learn to “practice” active choices of behavior, and over time, modify our responses.

Self-Image and Personal Delivery

New opportunities sometimes require us to modify our professional image and our communication techniques.  Here we take stock of how your current self-presentation fits into the new direction you have chosen.

You may take on the challenge to explore the “silent rules” of the communities and people with whom you re going to interact and elect to redesign your image to meet a new environment.

Appearance, presentation skills, networking style, along with if and how you design your social media presence all contribute to your personal delivery of self.