“When we become clear on the way ahead for us as individuals, our strengths and our weaknesses are no longer “bad” or “good” but instead they become fresh clay for us to work with in recreating our lives”

All of our lives are destined to be marked by change in different ways at different times. Sometimes change is the result of events beyond our control, and sometimes it is the consequence of our choices.  

When we use the moments to pause and consider what we really want, and we know that we want to move in a different direction, the greatest challenge we have is in gathering the appropriate tools for our individual journey.

Every great idea can truly be realized when we set aside time to clarify our vision.

Life Mapping

The first step when we consider new ideas for an independent lifestyle is to engage in a self-reflective process that is known as “life mapping”.  Here we take a  look at our lives and think about where we have been and how our experiences, interests, and ambitions have worked to define us as individuals.

As we explore our own background, our perceived successes and failures, our likes and our dislikes and our ups and our downs, we discover our natural motivations.  From new appreciation of self, we find the energy to turn our ideas into successful endeavors.

Exploring Options

We all make decisions differently, usually influenced by our personality styles and often in response to the influence and expectations of others in our lives.  However, when we set out on a new course in life, we may desire a bit more rigor in evaluating our options.

Using a variety of techniques, here we build confidence in our choices and get ready to set out in new directions.  Approaches may include the naming of important criteria, researching the unknowns of each possibility, or rating and ranking ideas based on potential outcomes.

Drafting Vision and Mission Statements

As we find clarity in our new direction, we create a view of our future that guides us in all that we do.  We write it down to make it real.

Our vision is the way in which our world and the worlds of others will change as a result of our new actions.

Our mission is “how” we intend to achieve that change.