When I retired from my first professional life as a United States Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel, the world I understood was one of Mission, Planning, Perseverance and Evaluating outcomes.  My 23 years of service as a military Logistics and Planning Officer certainly focused my interest on the industry and products with which I worked.  However, my unique experiences also created a capacity to apply practical application and function to any vision, creative endeavor, or ambitious challenge that may confront us.  

In the years that followed, I explored the impact of our natural personalities or “personality theory” on how we design, plan and communicate in our lives.  I developed an interest in how we understand and manage our emotions to a greater or lesser outcome. And I worked with adult students to reduce their fear of public speaking and find ways to reinvent their presentation of self.  

In an effort to update my knowledge and participate in conversation about who we are in today’s world, I obtained a credential in evidence-based Coaching and an M.S. in Media Psychology.  My organizational work spans experiences in government agencies, private sector firms and nonprofit enterprises.

When I started out some years ago, I was a shy young woman who blushed when someone said “hello” and shook when called upon to speak.  I learned to survive and eventually thrive by observation, listening, asking questions and then digging deep for the courage to press on when challenges seemed impossible.

I look forward to discovering your starting place and working with you as you find joy in the present and design your tomorrow today!