Do you know in your heart you must do things differently in the future but are not sure where to start?

Are you in search of an independent lifestyle because of unexpected personal and professional circumstances?



My focus is on supporting you as you discover your own new direction.

I work with women who are in personal and professional transition and seek possibilities through social entrepreneurship, small business development, and self-employment. I am a credentialed professional coach and love helping women design independent life plans in response to unexpected career interruptions, illness recovery and lifestyle detours.

Our coaching process will help you create and cement your vision, develop a plan that will actually move you forward, and update your self-presentation to a new place of determination and confidence.  When you are ready to layout self-supporting options, you will draw from a foundation that will hold you up in times of trial.

I am energized by non-traditional learning and workplace designs and believe that every path to success starts with an emphasis on you as a whole person.  First we ask, “Who Am I, really?”, “Where have I been” and “Where am I headed?”

My vision is to create a space where women move their own lives forward in a way that transforms them, and by doing so, transforms the world around them.

Are you ready to take your next step?

I look forward to hearing from you!